Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Months in New York

We have been in New York since December 1 and will return to Melbourne on February 2, 2009. I write to you from a small mailing storefront on Broadway on the upper West side that is staffed by three young Egyptian men with whom I share my print outs calling us to demonstrate against the Israeli war on the trapped people of Gaza. My time at the computer is short--and I will write about the fullness of our time here when once again, the silences of Fitzgibbon Avenue replace the roar of life I have found once again on my old streets. To all who have found their way to my words in this world of so many words, thank you.


Roz Moskowitz said...

It's been a long time.. Email me at

Hope to hear from you soon..


Anonymous said...

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kd said...

Dearest Joan, I was thinking of you today, and then strangely your blog popped up as I was looking for something on the internet. I hope you enjoyed your time in New York, and I hope the heat and the bush fires back home haven't caused you or your family any harm. Take care! Lots of love from a snowy Berlin, Kate Davison. (you can email me at