Friday, November 7, 2008

Old friend

Thank you, Lee, dear old friend. I am sorry I do not know how to respond to comments in a more private way -so forgive this shared moment. You and I and so many others of the "old" times are the lucky ones--we have lived long enough to see great changes and to have a deep sense of what still must happen, not just for queer people but for all, on all the continents of our sad earth who cannot fully lift their heads.

Far from the streets of San Francisco, I saw a small Congolese boy, his eyes wide with terror, his small body trembling, eyes so wide with loss and fear, he could not blink, staring into the camera of the British news gatherer while another reporter, kneeling before the barefoot boy held the child's small hand in his own. So still his hand, his young young life almost at a standstill--he had lost his parents as they all fled for their lives from the approaching gun men. His eyes looking out at us, at me, sitting in my chair, safe. Oh dear child, oh dear boy, what have we done to you, to all the children who duck or swerve or huddle--their newly lived bodies shattered by our failures. I will not forget your eyes, the trembling of your limbs, the hand without will, lost lost in an exploding world. May you find your way home, dear boy. And we must never stop seeing all of you.


Miss Robin said...

I came to your site looking for your writings as a femme, a Jew, an urban woman, an activist -- a woman like me -- and I've learned and found so much more here.

I have a blog: in which I started writing about b/f but it's become something else. I hope mine evolves with even a glimmer of the passion, politics and humanitarianism that I see in yours.

With admiration and love,
Robin Maltz aka Miss Robin

Julie R. Enszer said...


I am trying to reach you regarding creating an electronic review that you wrote for Sinister Wisdom in 1981. I've emailed, but fear that didn't reach you. Perhaps you would be so kind as to email me at


nelle said...


For all the children, may we provide a better world.