Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You

It is late here, the first day of spring with the warmest August since weather has been recorded on this continent--remember for those of you from my New York days, this is the end of our winter. More about geography later but now I only want to thank those of you who have responded to my words--Stephanie, Judith, Lee, Esther, Pattie and Shebar. Simply, you give me life, both as a writer and as the holder of other lives. I think this journal is my book, unfolding like a scroll, the present and the past, fading photographs of what has been my life, trying desperately to hold on, to honor, the tints of life before the shadows come. You give me joy, and I am so grateful.


Rachild said...

Dear Joan,

I have read your words here from start to present. I don't even know what to say (some writer I am) other than thank you. Thank you for your passion, for your eloquence, for documenting your history (all of our history), for challenging me to reexamine my own fears. And, thank you most all for giving so freely of yourself. It must be exhausting to care so much for so many, please know your passion is appreciated.


Stephanie said...

Again Joan, your words are much appreciated and VERY necessary. I miss you and hanging out together in old New York. xo.