Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bits and Pieces 1

I will use "Bits and Pieces" for short moments of information, reflections, tendernesses.

We believed that the election last year was the most important, and now I think the next election will be the most important for the kind of future America will have. Will the courage of the dream last? Will the haters, the ranters, the birthers, the fearful twist America into their image?

I just wanted you to know that I have started to post some of my more recent writings and talks on this part of the website. If you go to the posting "Books, Birds and Rosa," you will find the article I wrote for the Australian Jewish Democratic Society's Newsletter in May. I will add the speech I gave as part of an event commemorating Stonewall here in Melbourne very soon.

I have added images of my brother to the posting of his loss. I had never seen these images before and they are the only ones I have. My niece, Robin, so kindly sent them to me.

I am putting more and more of my writing about Palestine/Israel on the website including images and words about our monthly demonstrations.

My darling, La Professora, works in the garden every Saturday, her one break from ceaseless work at the University, while Cello and I stay close, catching the fallen branches, wondering at how she knows just what a tree or the soil or the brick path needs.

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