Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Will it Take?

First I want to say thank you to all those who have held on in my absence. When I do not write it is because I am not feeling well, but, like so many of you, I am taking in, always taking in, the images of the last weeks, the young girl being publicly flogged by her Taliban elders in the Swat Valley, the murders of young gay men in Iraq, the results of the Israeli election that further empowered the haters, the growing vehemence of the American supporters of the Israeli Settlements, who are joining with frightened conservative voters, calling all their brethren to arms against Obama, the Bushes' tortures texts coming from the highest places of power in this land, (America, I mean for I write from another country) but I have also heard the chants of the feminists of Pakistan risking all in the streets, the men screaming, "Whores, whores" (the same word that is flung at the Israeli peace women who stand vigil in Jerusalem and Haifa week after week). My dear friend Alex shared the following video of Nurit Peled, an Israeli mother who has suffered the loss of her daughter in the madness that is the Palestinian/Israel conflict, calling for the end of the siege of Gaza. Whores, mothers, lesbians, women desiring the beauty of a free life--our right to be.

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