Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Joan at three, holding her left hand in the secret way to ward of violence and in her right, a blue linoleum, red spotted pony who would stay with her

The only surviving image, 1943 c.


HCB said...

Unfortunately, email to the webms account bounced. In the preface to your book, The Restricted Country, there is an acknowledgement to someone with an unusual name -- who was my best friend while growing up, Marcyne Maurice. In the mail to webms, I gave what might be identifying details; it's probably inappropriate to post them but I'd be happy to forward them to a different mail address. Today happens to be my 60th birthday, and I'd be delighted to find an old friend. If it is the same person, we both lived on Mapes Avenue in Newark; that's probably as specific as I should get here.

HCBerkowitz said...

Sorry, my earlier message had a typo in my email address. This should be correct.