Friday, February 8, 2008

You Make Hope Grow in Our Blood

Dear Mirna,
Your words reached me in the midst of a dark night--and Mirna, it is you, and all like you, who have seen the terrible failure that war is, and yet reach out, who are keeping hope alive in this world. Our words now can fly to each other, over walls, over armies, over nationalistic tirades. We will always remind each other that under the sweeping rhetoric of national leaders, of militarisms, there exists another people--those who want to stand on hill tops and see each other, to pledge face to face, the end of occupations and collective punishments and national agendas of hatred. I am listening always. Joan

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mirna said...

Its such an honor for me dear joan that my words ment to you.
Well here in lebanon its not only me , there is a lot a really big number of young women fighting , hoping ... but there is always some thing holding them to speak out ,this is why a great person who is NADINE created a group called "meem" Which is growing hope for many in our country. it will be an honor for us to check our verry humble website which is
Thank you for your concerne and please let me know if there is anything we could help in , and we will do the best we can. :)