Friday, January 11, 2008

First, thank you to all the readers who have been pushing through my outpouring of words--when I write I see you, even those who shake their heads in disagreement. Some of you are old friends, some new, and many I do not know at all, but for this 67 year old writer having what feels like this immediate moment of words finding listeners, without an exchange of money, is a
great gift. You ease my sense of displacement, and most of all, you give me a forum to say no to such great wrongs, such great misthinkings, sometimes willful, some simply foolish. You give me a public space to say, while I am alive as a Jew, as an American, as a queer, as a woman what I cannot live with because to do so is a crime against the humanity of my time. And one last thank you--here I can dream with you, share the wanderings of an aging body with a lustful memory.
Mike, in answer to you question, I would be honored to speak with your class. You know, I am an Honorary Fellow in the English Department of the University of Melbourne and I have spoken in classes on gender studies. If you write me via my website and give me contact details we can talk more or if you have my number, just call. Again, thank you all.
Now I am off to join my sisters in Women in Black to stand vigil-- in front of what was once the old Post Office and is now an up market shopping mall in downtown Melbourne, from 12-1-- to protest the mass punishing the people of Gaza.

Women in black--Melbourne, Australia
We stand today as Jewish feminists and our allies to protest the inhumane violence that endangers and degrades the lives of the peoples of the Middle East.

We stand to renew our commitment to actively oppose our government's strong support of policies which have maintained Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands.

Following the Annapolis talks we call on Palestinian and Israeli leaders to take steps towards peace that have not been taken before.

We stand to challenge the ongoing carnage being inflicted by the US military upon the Iraqi people.

We stand to examine the fears that drive us to separate from, blame and dehumanize one another.

We stand to protest the use of all forms of violence: terrorism, collective punishment, militarism, suicide bombings, targeted assassinations and coerced population movements--to resolve conflicts between nations and peoples.

We stand to reject the cyclical cries of aggression and retaliation: justice will never be achieved through the seeking of venegance.

We stand to reject all forms of racism, including anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism and anti-Semitism.

We stand in recognition of the peace activists in Gaza, the West Bank, Israel, Iraq and Lebanon.

We stand to embrace our common humanity, to build bridges of mutual respect.

We stand to remind ourselves that small actions can lead to hope.

We ask all of you to find one act that will honour the dead, wounded and vulnerable of all sides.

One conversation you didn't think you could risk

One letter you didn't think you had to write

One meeting with people who hold a different view

One resounding No when you would have remained silent

One act. Each day. For a different world.

http://www.coalition/ of

We were few--but we gave out all our leaflets and talked, talked with passerbys.

When will attention be payed to those, on both sides, who speak for peace, when will the media, when will so many more of you ask to hear the other voices, those who "refuse to be enemies."

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mirna said...

Im really proud of the existence of such women in our world .
You make hope grow in my blood ...
i am lebaneese an i support you...