Saturday, November 3, 2007

I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to write me--Wendy who started it all, Stephanie whose questions I value, Barbara Ruth--an old time friend who has provided lasting proof of how deeply I was penetrated by the visions of the early years of lesbian-feminism, and Barbara, my uterus has remained grateful all these years, to BarbaraHammer, a pioneering film maker, to Esther with gratitude for her political and cultural work and to Mckn2 and Mike--whom I do not know, I think, and whose responses are as precious.

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esther said...

on this sweltering hot day now I'm reading reading actually gobbling up your words. And you're right, it would be so much easier to doze off into a cool sleep rather than feel this sad and overwhelmed by the horrors you write of. But then, that denial is never really comforting either so thank you. At least with words from fellow thinkers things may start to shift around and make a little more sense.

Other than reading and writing what do you suggest?

xx esther

ps - does moving someone's uterus around really help with period pain? amazing the work of the 70s women's health movement, and amazing how little I know. I'll have to pull down Our Bodies, Our Selves and see what it says...